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Growing Mushrooms at Home is EASY!

Growing your own food is both fun and easy with Oak & Hazel Grow Kits.

Here's how and WHY:

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How our grow kits work

Buy your kit and give it a little cut

The hardest part is deciding the mushrooms you want to grow. Once you have your Oak & Hazel grow kit, getting started is as simple as placing a small slit in the bag.

Keep it humid

Store your grow kit in a cool environment and give it a spritz or two of water, twice a day, and you'll have mushrooms growing very soon!

Harvest and EAT!

Once you have some fully grown mushrooms (usually within a week or two) you can pick them and cook them. We've got some recipes and ideas on our site to help.

WHY grow your own?

Gourmet mushrooms are difficult to find in most grocery stores and often when you do, they aren't the most fresh and tasty. It's not their fault, gourmet mushrooms don't have the shelf-life that button mushrooms do. But once you've tasted an Oyster or Lion's Mane that YOU GREW, you'll know that these are delicious and nutritious.

Grow Kits are great gifts and fun projects to do with kids. Since they grow so quickly, you can almost watch them grow right before your eyes. Our mushrooms typically double in size everyday once they start pining. It's a rewarding and fun thing to do and it takes up almost no space to do it!

Even if you're not enjoying a plant-based diet, mushrooms can provide protein and other nutritional and health benefits, while having very low calories to a meat counterpart. There's a lot of pride to be had in making your own food, especially when it's so good for you AND the environment. 

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