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Grow Kit

How to use your Oak & Hazel Grow Kit

Grow Kit

Using your Oak & Hazel Grow Kit couldn't be simpler:

1. Cut a 2 inch crosscut in the plastic. The best place to cut is anywhere you see small pin-like bumps, but anywhere on the largest surface space will work.

2. Keep the substrate moist, but not wet. Spray the plastic around the slit a few times, twice a day, to keep the area humid. Your kit should have come with a spray bottle that you'll need to fill with water.

3. Once the mushrooms are full size and ready to harvest, you can cut them clear from the block and if you keep the block moist, you may get additional flushes in a few weeks.

See a quick video here:

Some additional things to consider:
1. Your mushrooms are living things. They sometimes just do what they want to do and will decide to fruit (that's the fancy word we use when the mushrooms start to form) wherever they like. You can cut an extra slit to accommodate mushrooms that are popping up (or "fruiting") so they don't get squished in the plastic. Just try not to make too many holes or take the fruiting block all the way out of the plastic.

2. Mushrooms like humidity and generally cool areas, so try to keep it in those environments. Some people have grown their mushrooms under their sinks! Spray the outside of your bag around the slit, but try to avoid spraying too much on the block itself. It needs to be humid, not wet.

3. Our mushroom varieties don't have many particularities about light, but it's best to not leave it in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. There's an old adage about keeping mushrooms in the dark, and while there are species that do care about light, the kind you got from us, doesn't particularly care so long as it isn't in too much direct sunlight for too long. A lot of people grow theirs on a kitchen counter, too!

4. You'll know it's time to harvest when your mushrooms are full looking and the caps are almost turning upwards. Once they turn upwards, they start to spore and aren't at their peak anymore. Still good and edible, just not the absolute peak. If you have a variety that doesn't have a cap, like Lion's Mane, you'll know it's ready when it's full looking. It's trickier with Lion's Mane because it isn't quite so obvious. Just know that if you start to see browning or shrinking, it's past time and you should cut off your mushrooms and enjoy.

5. Cutting mushrooms off or pulling them off? that is the question. How are you supposed to get your mushrooms off the block? I recommend a good sharp knife or scissors and cut them free from the block, but you CAN pull them off, just cut any of the woody substrate off the base before consuming. Know that pulling the extra mycelium off the block can sometimes slow or stunt any extra flushes going forward.

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