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Pasteurized Substrate

How to use Oak & Hazel Pasteurized Substrate

Pasteurized Substrate

If you're a mushroom grower with even a little experience and basic tools, you can grow your favorite mushrooms with a little pasteurized substrate and some grain spawn. Sometimes getting high-quality and bulk substrate ready for growth can be time consuming or require materials you're not able, or willing, to procure and use. It might just be easier to let someone else go through the time intensive process of pasteurization for you. Let Oak & Hazel be your substrate provider. This 10lb bag comes with a .5 micron filter patch and is otherwise sealed and pasteurized. It is not colonized or inoculated with any fungus spores.

To use this sealed bag, all you need to do is cut the top in a clean environment (preferably in a still air or laminar air flow area) and add in your grain spawn. You'll need to seal the bag again and place in a humid and cool environment that's appropriate for your strain of fungus. You can also just dump this into a monotub or other container.

Please note that our guarantee of quality and return policy is only good for sealed product that is in the condition it was as sent from our facility.

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