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Welcome to Oak & Hazel

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Vinings Farmers

We'll be at the Vinings Farmer's Market on Thursdays from March 31 until October 31. Stay tuned to our social media for any interruptions or updates. 

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Serenbe Farmers

We'll be at the Serenbe Farmer's Market every other Saturday from now until the end of October. Stay tuned to our social media for any interruptions or updates. 

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Smyrna Handmade Market

We'll be at the Smyrna Handmade Market every other Sunday. Please stay tuned to our Instagram for updates. 


Environmentally Focused

Making every effort

It is our belief that we all have an individual responsibility, as stewards of the planet, to do what we can to improve the health and cleanliness of our home. With this in mind, we take every chance to run a cleaner, greener, and environmentally conscious business. When applicable, we use biodegradable bags and packaging, recycle materials and waste, and use as little energy and water as we need to. 

What's so GREAT about Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are so flexible in nearly any kind of diet and they are the crown jewels of sustainable food. We use hardwood, soy hulls, and other materials that would otherwise not be a premium product and turn it into gourmet mushrooms. Mushrooms eat the waste of the world and offer a delicious and nutritious, protein and health packed food in return.

Oak & Hazel Mushrooms are sustainable, healthy, and delicious. We've got tons of ways for you to enjoy our products. Pick up a Grow Kit and grow fresh, delicious, good for you (and the environment) mushrooms in your very home - it's SO easy!

a cutting board of pink oyster mushrooms
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