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What is your return/refund policy?

While we will always try to do what makes our clients happy, our official policy is that any damaged/contaminated and unusable SEALED product may be returned or refunded within 1 week of receiving product. Please contact us through our email or chat and send a photo to show us how we can improve. All sales are considered final and refunds are subject to approval. 

What's the best way to start?

Our grow kits are made to be an easy way to grow at home. Oyster varieties and Lion's Mane are very simple and low-maintenance ways of growing your own food at home and it takes very little space! 

My grow kit is broken in the bag. What can I do?

This isn't very common, but does sometimes happen from shipping and handling. In most cases, this might be salvaged easily and it's a great way to learn about how fungus survives! Make sure all of the substrate is placed together and then wrap the bag with a snug fitting rubber band and place it in a dark, cool, humid environment for a week or two. Watch how the mycelium repairs itself! AMAZING!

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